We are a family of successful software companies providing solutions to the tourism industry.

TrekkSoft Group’s value creation is driven by the acquiring, integrating and growing of software companies focused on the Enterprise customer segment in the tourism industry.

We want to provide a long-term “safe haven” for SMEs providing software solutions for the tourism industry. We support owners with capital, know how, sales and marketing to further develop their business or make a smooth transition to a new leadership team. TrekkSoft Group is run by entrepreneurial founders of a successful software company in tourism. If you are an owner of a software company in the tourism industry, and want to explore opportunities to join our group please contact us for a conversation.

We are currently looking to acquire companies which fit these criteria:

  • “Mission critical” software solution
  • EBITDA and cashflow positive
  • Industry focus on tourism industry
  • Majority of turnover is recurring revenue or long-term contracts
  • Established history of the company
  • Satisfied & diversified client base

We provide founders of companies the opportunity to cash out and to further develop the business. We apply a decentralized strategy, focused on growth and leveraging group resources. We provide different options for a founder of a company and the potential of an upside in regards to the future growth of the company.