How we can support your company and why we do it

TrekkSoft Group supports small to medium size SaaS companies within the tourism industry to help them grow as well as to allow the founders to capitalize on their success and lower their risk exposure by offering them a (partial) cash-out option.

The reasons why you as a founder of a SaaS company would seek a conversation with us can be very different:

  • you want to retire or start something new in your life
  • you recognize that you have reached a growth limit and that further expansion would increase your risk
  • you need more know how to grow your business further
  • you want to lower your risk and secure some cash by selling some equity in your business

At TrekkSoft Group we have built a strong group of successful tourism SaaS companies – which are all growing and generating positive cash flows. After more than a decade of focusing on the tourism industry, we have built a specific set of tools and know-how in our space and would like to share this with as many tourism SaaS companies as possible.

We are a group of motivated founders of successful SaaS companies within this industry and do not have a typical private equity or venture capital background. This provides us with a unique view and with the expertise to help you as an entrepreneur and founder. Our goal is to collaborate on a trustworthy and honest level from founder to founder and help each other to achieve the next level together.

If you have started to think about potential exit options or if you would like to seek advice on what the next step of your company could be in regards of international expansion or growth in general, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

I am looking forward to conversations with founders, owners and managing directors of SaaS companies within the tourism industry.

Philippe Willi

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