About Us

TrekkSoft started as “the booking solution for the tours & activities market”.

Since 2010, our purpose and driving conviction is to help tours & activities (“T&A”) suppliers with their “back office” work so that they can spend more time on the activities that they are passionate about. This is why TrekkSoft was created and this is what drives our day to day activities. We come from a regiont that is heavily dependent on tourism and outdoor activities, and some of our founders are themselves T&A suppliers that started as outdoor guides.

We have an entrepreneurial and seasoned team within our group:

Philippe Willi, Co-Founder & CEO TrekkSoft Group

Marco Lustenberger, CFO TrekkSoft Group

Richard Booker, Founder & Managing Director DigiTickets

Hannes Waldhart, Founder & Managing Director Waldhart Software

Maarten Camerlynck, TrekkSoft Group Operations 

Dani Bloom, COO TrekkSoft SaaS

Maria Figueroa, COO Payyo

Adrian Fuhrmann, Co-Founder & Managing Director Giant Monkey

Lion Vollnhals, Co-Founder & Managing Director Giant Monkey